Group Bookings

Discounts are offered for reservations made for groups of 10 or more passengers travelling together on foot or in a bus. Special discount rates are also available for larger groups. Discounts apply to passenger fares only and are only available for travel reservation and confirmation done in advance. Minimum deposits for group books will apply.

Church Bookings

Special discount will be offered for reservations made for church group booking of 50 person or more travelling together on foot or a bus. Normal discount rates on passenger fare will apply on group bookings for special occasions if the travel reservation and confirmation is done in advance. Minimum deposit for group bookings will apply.

Funeral Bookings

Discounts are available for some routes on reservations made for funeral transportation. Discount rates apply to passenger fares only. It's the customers responsibility to make special agreement for storage and transportation of casket on and off the vessel.


Freight & Logistics

Baggage Allowance