The M.V. Lomaiviti Princess, formerly known as M/V Queen of Prince Rupert was a RORO ferry operated by BC Ferries that provided the main surface transport link between the Queen Charlotte Islands and mainland British Columbia, connecting Skidegate with Prince Rupert across the Hecate Strait (thus linking two segments of Highway 16). The vessel also ran on the Prince Rupert-Port Hardy Inside Passage route during the low season.

Built in 1966, the Queen of Prince Rupert was decommissioned on April 20, 2009 following the launch of the Northern Expedition and was replaced by the Northern Adventure on the Prince Rupert-Skidegate Route.

On May 4, 2011 the official registration of the Queen of Prince Rupert was closed. The vessel was sold to Goundar Shipping Company of Fiji and renamed the M.V. Lomaiviti Princess. The vessel departed B.C. waters bound for Fiji on July 5, 2011.

The Lomaiviti Princess is 93.50 meters in length and 17.0 meters in width and has a capacity of 900 passengers and 80 vehicles. The vessel is able to carry foot passengers as well as cars, truck campers and commercial vehicles. On-board amenities for passengers includes: cafeteria lounge, gift shop, various seating lounges and sleeping cabins.


Lomaiviti Princess offers comfortable, luxurious and exclusive seating and cabin facilities for inter-island travel within Fiji. Passenger seating and accommodation is spread over three decks - Deck 5, Deck 6, and Deck 7. Passengers have choice for different class of seating and cabin facilities so that they can feel comfortable and relaxed while on board.

Deck 5 - Fully Air Condition

This deck offers economy class cabin facilities. In total there are 32 cabins available. Each cabin is air conditioned and offers two single beds with its own toilet facilities. Shower facilities are shared on each row. Part of the cabins on this deck is used by the crews. First class passenger seating is also available on this Deck. The first class seating Lounge has aircraft style recliner seats which will make your voyage comfortable.

Other facilities on Deck 5 include:
* 4 separate bath room for deck 5 uses
* Kids playing area
* Theatre room
* Information Office
* Main entry for all passengers
* Ladies and men's wash room for economy class uses
* Emergence room for medical care
* 1 Family Room, which includes 1 lounge room with TV,
2 rooms with 2 single beds and 1 bunk bed and includes toilet and shower

Deck 6 - Fully Air Condition

The key attraction is the cafeteria, styled as the coastal café. You can enjoy onboard meals, which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner all freshly prepared from kitchen while you admire the pleasant scenery. Also available on this Deck are the lounge areas for economy class seating, outside sitting area, and ladies and men washrooms fo all uses.

Deck 7 - Fully Air Condition

This is more of the executive Deck which has first class / VIP cabins and officers' mess. There are 16 first class cabins, all air-conditioned with its own toilet, shower, hot and cold facilities. Each cabin has a small study table plus a bunk bed. It offers a clean, quiet and relaxing environment so that you can enjoy all comfort of being on vacation while on board Lomaiviti Princess.


Goundar Shipping Limited provides a range of services to take care of persons with disabilities and to ensure a safe and comfortable journey for all passengers.

We provide special vehicle loading for people who require wheelchair access to the elevator. If you use a wheelchair, please let us know when you arrive at the wharf. Please ensure you arrive at least 2 hours before the departure. Customers who use a walking aid should also inform the boarding crew if they require access to the elevator.

Please note that in conditions of extreme weather, passenger elevators on the vessels may be unavailable due to safety reasons.


Goundar Shipping Limited has adopted and implemented comprehensive safety & training systems and procedures to ensure that highest safety standards are maintained on-board. Officers and crew in all departments of the vessel have been trained to deal effectively with emergency situations.

Emergency Signals

    The following Signals are used to alert crew members and passengers to an emergency:
  • * Fire - a continuous ringing of the alarm bell;
  • * Person overboard - three long sounding of the whistle and general alarm bell (in person overboard situations never crowd outer decks where rescue operations are underway);
  • * Boats/Raft Stations - seven (or more) short sounding followed by one long sounding of the ships whistle and/or alarm bell;
  • * Signals will be followed by announcements explaining the nature of the emergency.

Rescue Operations

There are two 106-person rescue boats on board to assist with life raft maneuvering and personnel recovering as well as canister- type lifeboats for use in evacuation operations. Life Jackets are stored in clearly marked lockers on Deck 5 (interior and exterior). There are two types of life jackets available: one for children up to 90 pounds (41 kg) and the other for adults.

Fire extinguishers are located in all interior and exterior passenger decks and a heat sensitive Hi -Fog Sprinkler suppression system is in place in crew and passenger accommodation areas. There are also manual deluge systems on the vehicle deck and pull stations throughout the ship. A panel on the bridge helps quickly pinpoint the zone of a pull station or heat sprinkler alarm.